Novated Lease

Novated Lease

The car finance solution that gives you freedom.

When you need a vehicle for business use, a novated lease can be the perfect business vehicle financing solution. It also benefits employers, as a novated lease conserves valuable company assets for more productive uses.

As business finance experts, Fidelity Finance Group can look at your specific business and advise on what car loan could be right for you. This can be dependent on your tax position, loans and your overall car finance needs.

A novated lease benefits employee and employer.

The employee can choose the vehicle brand and style best suited to his or her job profile. It could be a eco-friendly hybrid, a hard working ute, or a Euro sports car, from any brand on any budget. This can be the perfect solution for car finance, when you need to lease a car or a more personal car loan solution. It can also help maximise the employee’s after tax income.

For an employer, a novated lease can serve as a tax effective staff motivational tool. A novated lease provides salary sacrificing advantages by reducing your payroll commitments. You’ll have no ongoing depreciation costs, your only costs are the lease repayments and the associated car running expenses. Any other costs are the responsibility of the employee. If the employee leaves, the car lease goes as well. Any unwanted expenses of the vehicle, like traffic infringements for instance, remain the responsibility of the employee.

Fidelity Finance Group can also buy the car for you, offering a total car buying and car finance solution in one. So you can get on with business while we get you the car finance. Find out how easy it is, here.

Our product is our people.

Your Fidelity Finance Group broker can source business vehicle financing from over 20 lenders, with the most competitive conditions, terms and rates. As with all our car finance, it often pays to let Fidelity Finance Group get pre approval for your car loan, before you get the vehicle. That way you’re in a better bargaining position when the right vehicle comes along.

  • Novated Lease approvals with no obligation to proceed and no application fees.
  • Approvals within 3 hours in most cases.
  • We negotiate with your preferred dealer or supplier, then order teh invoice and handle all the paperwork.
  • We pay the supplier, you receive the keys, it's that easy.
  • Personalised service all the way, from application to acceleration.

Complete a novated lease application now. We are delighted to seek approvals as over 86% of them are taken up by clients. Click here or phone +61 (2) 9212 0799 to talk with one of our novated lease experts.

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