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Fidelity Finance Group has a division that came into existence due to the growing need by clients and vendors to have a viable equipment rental solution. Complete flexiblity is the cornerstone of Fidelity. Your tailored Rental Solution allows you to rent what you want from your preferred supplier of choice.

Your rental plans lets you make known payments for your equipment, with the added flexibillity of upgrading or simply adding more equipment during the term, whilst reducing the risk of technology obsolescence and avoiding the costs of ownership and disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rental?
Simply, rental is a contractual arrangement, where we buy the equipment from your supplier of choice and rent it to you for a fixed, regular payment and term.

What is a fixed term agreement and how can it be flexible?
A fixed term simply means that you've agreed to pay the rental payments over the nominated period. It is 'flexible' to the extent that you can trade-up to new equipment during the term. (Conditions apply).

Can we upgrade or add on to our rented equipment?
In most cases, yes. This is one of the key benefits of renting through Fidelity. Our goal is to provide the Rental Solution you need, when you need it. You simply contact us and advise us of the new equipment and we will provide you with a new payment and term and you can also return the old equipment or make us an offer to purchase.

Are my payments tax deductible?
The montly rental payments are typically tax deductible for equipment used for business purposes. If you are using equipment (eg computer) mainly for work, but partly for personal use, you may qualify for a proportion of the rental payment as a tax deduction. (Eligibility conditions apply, and you should alway speak to your tax advisor).

What is the interest rate?
There is no loan to repay, so there is no interest rate. What you pay is a competitive rental charge, by way of a regular payment.

We have just bought some equipment for cash. Is it too late to rent it?
Probably not. Fidelity can arrange to buy and rent back your recent purchase of equipment. (Conditions apply).

Fidelity Products & Services


A flexible and easy Rental Solution for all your equipment needs.


A master rental facility that provides simplified rental documentation and an approved line of credit enabling expedient equipment acquisitions and replacements - saves time, paperwork, and allows you to say in touch with the latest technology.


Fidelity is also a Vendor Program & Sales Aid Specialist. Our services include assisting Vendors to deliver their products more effectively at the point of sale. For further information of this component please click here.

To speak to one of our Rental experts, please phone us on +61 (2) 9212 0799.

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