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Puts you a step ahead.

Fidelity Finance Group has a computer finance solution that can put you a step ahead. As new technologies are constantly being released, they offer your business greater capabilities. IT rental allows you to keep pace with these changes.
Change also comes as your company grows, so your technology needs to be adaptable to keep pace with that growth. Yet the expense of newer computers and software can drain your cash reserves and impact on your cashflow.

Keep up, while keeping costs down.

Fidelity Finance Group Computer and Software rental is a form of computer finance that helps you keep up with the latest IT solutions, without the major up front financial burden. So it can maximise return on assets by freeing up your capital for ongoing needs.

Technology with flexibility.

Fidelity Finance Group IT finance gives you the flexibility to deal with your preferred IT supplier. You’ll be able to add equipment as your needs grow, or trade up to new technologies along the way, helping you avoid being restricted by outdated technology.

You can bundle all your computers, installations, maintenance, printers and software into the one low monthly repayment, reducing administrative demands as well.
Then at the end of the rental term, we can dispose of your old equipment, thus reducing the costs of ownership and disposal.

A less taxing option.

Rental offers a computer finance solution with tax deductable repayments. So rather than having to deal with issues like depreciation schedules, Fidelity Finance Group computer and software rental simplifies your accounting and offers significant tax advantages.

Advantages for equipment suppliers too.

Fidelity Finance Group can provide computer and software rental solutions direct to IT importers and distributors. With access to over 20 financiers and having over $350 million on loan annually, Fidelity Finance Group has considerable clout to finance technology at preferential rates and terms. So we can source computer finance solutions that offer your customers easy rental plans with lower repayments.

  • No application fees, no obligation to proceed.
  • We can visit your office or home
  • Fidelity Finance Group handles all the paperwork, from application to approval.
  • In the majority of cases your IT rental is secured against the equipment, without requiring real estate as security.
  • We negotiate with the supplier of your choice, order the invoice and prepare all the paperwork for your signature.
  • Fidelity Finance Group pays the supplier, you take delivery of the equipment, it can be as easy as that.

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