Strata Finance

Strata Finance

The smart way to get big jobs done.

When major work is needed on a strata property, it can place unwanted stress on strata managers and property owners alike. Yet neglecting the work can lead to far greater problems and is usually not an option.
Fidelity Finance Group can structure a Strata Finance solution to fund work like structural repairs, painting, perhaps fire ordinance requirements and major building projects.

Everybody wins.

For individual property owners, Fidelity Finance Group Strata Finance allows the cost of major works to be spread over time. From the strata manager's standpoint, a body corporate finance solution means the work can be carried out without the need for a special levy. It also avoids the requirement for the strata management to maintain a large sinking fund which can be seen as an unproductive use of money.

Prompt action.

A Fidelity Finance Group strata finance expert will visit your office or building to get your strata finance application underway. We actively manage the whole process, from application to approval allowing work to start sooner. Once you get a body corporate finance approval, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate with contractors and may even benefit from prompt payment savings.

In a climate where it is estimated that building costs increase by as much as 10-15% a year, acting promptly to secure a body corporate finance solution will save you money.

Benefit from our strength.

Fidelity Finance Group is able to source strata finance from over 20 of the country’s leading lenders. By arranging over $350 million in loans written annually, Fidelity Finance Group has the buying power to secure attractive rates and terms on body corporate finance. Then while we do all the paperwork, it frees up your time to source quotes from contractors and suppliers to get the job done efficiently.

  • Obligation free approval.
  • All body corporate finance approvals are unsecured with no owners’ guarantees required.
  • Flexible terms up to 10 years.
  • Fidelity Finance Group has a proven reputation as strata finance experts.
  • We prepare all the paperwork for your signature and handle all invoices from suppliers.
  • Hands on management of the whole strata finance process, from application to settlement.

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