Debt Restructurinjg

Debt Restructuring

We’ll structure the right solution.

With recent changes in interest rates and the newer financial tools being offered today, chances are there’s a smarter solution than what you may have taken out years ago. Fidelity Finance Group can restructure your existing business loans and deliver significant savings.

You may also have business finance unnecessarily secured by residential property which can restrict your options. So without taking on any more commitments, Fidelity Finance Group can restructure your existing business loans into a simpler, lower cost solution.

Consolidate your loans, compress your outgoings.

It could be that debt consolidation can condense your different business loans into one in order to reduce costs. Chances are there will also be various fees associated with the existing individual loans, while certain loans may have higher interest rates.

By combining your different loans, Fidelity Finance Group can probably reduce the amount of interest and the fees you’re currently paying.

We come to you.

Simplifying your business finance is made even simpler by Fidelity Finance Group as one of our debt restructuring experts can visit you at your home or office. Best of all, the consultation is free and you’re under no obligation to proceed with the loan if you’re not entirely happy with the solution we provide. Of course since 85% of our clients take up our recommendations, we’re sure you’ll come aboard.

You also gain the benefit of our ability to source business finance from over 20 of the country’s leading lenders. With over $350 million in loans written annually, Fidelity Finance Group has the bargaining power to secure you interest rates and terms that could add up to big savings.

  • Fidelity Finance Group can handle all the paperwork, from application to settlement.
  • We can provide solutions at more advantageous terms and rates.
  • Can provide benefits to financially stressed small businesses.
  • We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

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