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Mortgage Health Check

We make house calls.

The home finance situation has turned around significantly in recent times. With fluctuations in mortgage rates and newer, more flexible home loan products becoming available, can you be sure that your current financier is the right one?

In the same way as your GP can give your body a clean bill of health, one of the Fidelity Finance Group home loan brokers can give your home mortgage a complete check-up. Perhaps you’ve just come out of a fixed term home mortgage and are paying high variable rates? Or you have a home loan with more features than you really need? Call Fidelity Finance Group for a thorough examination.

Make a healthy saving.

At Fidelity Finance Group, we handle not only new home loans but refinance existing home loans as well. Even if you’re not an existing Fidelity Finance Group customer, one of our home mortgage experts can visit you at your home or office and review your current home loan situation.

Then if there’s a better real estate finance opportunity out there, Fidelity Finance Group will find it. We can access over 20 of the country’s leading lenders. With over $350 million in loans written annually, Fidelity Finance Group also has considerable buying power.

Let us check your rate.

  • A free service, with no obligation.
  • We can do a complete home loan health check on residential and investment property.
  • Debt consolidation solutions could save you thousands.
  • Our efficient working method will save you time, money and unnecessary hassle.
  • Fidelity Finance Group can demystify home loan jargon so you can see your loan for what it’s worth.

Make an appointment for an existing mortgage health check now by clicking here. Or phone +61 (2) 9212 0799 to talk with one of our home loan experts.

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