Car Finance

Car Finance

Easy car finance without driving around.

When you leave your car finance to Fidelity Finance Group, it makes the whole purchase process easier. We know that choosing the right car and haggling with car dealers can be difficult enough. Fortunately Fidelity Finance Group makes the whole car loan process easy.

While you shop around for the right car, we shop around over 20 lenders for car finance at competitive rates. From luxury cars to truck finance, even motorcycle finance, we handle the whole process for you, from application to approvals. Our massive buying power of around $350milllion in loans financed annually also gives us considerable leverage to negotiate. So let our car finance experts help you select the right car loan for your situation, be it hire purchase, chattel mortgage or a car lease.

Save with car buying and car finance in one.

Even if you haven’t found the right car, Fidelity Finance Group can help. We’ve teamed up with Aussie Car Buyers, which is a leading vehicle buying service and can find you the vehicle and the car financing in one easy package. Our buyer does the haggling for the model you want, then we source car finance at competitive rates, so you get a double benefit. All without ever leaving your home or office.

Simply tell us the car you want, we’ll find it, and you’ll save thousands in the process. It’s that easy. Find out precisely how much with these examples (link to car buying article)

Get approval, before you get the vehicle.

Whether you’re after new or used car finance, van finance or truck finance, it pays to get an approval before you start shopping around. When you find the perfect vehicle, you’ll be able to out-deal the dealers, or have the upper hand on the second hand car market. Check out our car loan rates on our car loan calculator then give us a call.

  • Car finance approvals with no obligation to proceed and no application fees.
  • Approvals within 3 hours in most cases
  • We negotiate with your preferred dealer or supplier, then order the invoice and handle all the paperwork.
  • We pay the supplier, you receive the keys.
  • Personalised service all the way, from application to acceleration.

Complete a car loan application now, without obligation, click here. Or phone +61 (2) 9212 0799 to talk with one of our car finance experts.

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