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Solutions that carry a lot of weight.

Here’s a truck finance solution that means you can avoid dealing with the banks, and steer clear of the truck dealer’s finance with all those built-in fees and charges. Fidelity Finance Group is a specialist broker that understands industries like transport.

And just like your rigs, we deliver.

One of our specialist brokers will come to you and get to know your business. Then we will process the application and follow us with sourcing the funds. And if at any time you want to reconsider, you’re under no obligation. So it’s a win win situation, al the way.

More pulling power.

With over $350 million in loans written annually and access to over the 20 of the country’s top lenders, we’ve got the horsepower. We can arrange a structure that works for your business, and your vehicles. Fidelity Finance Group can come to the party with solutions including a semi lease and commercial hire purchase, from truck finance to a van loan or trailer loan. So whether you’re buying a new tractor unit, a used truck or a complete fleet, get turbocharged performance from Fidelity Finance Group.

Service that gets things moving.

  • We handle the whole process from application through to delivery.
  • In the majority of cases your loan is secured against the truck, without requiring real estate as security.
  • We liaise with the supplier of your choice, order the invoice and prepare all the paperwork ready for your signature.
  • We pay the supplier, you take delivery of the vehicle, it can be as easy as that.
  • Fidelity Finance Group can also arrange 'pre-approved' amounts for future acquisitions.

Complete a truck finance application now, without obligation, click here. Or phone +61 (2) 9212 0799 to talk with one of our Truck Finance experts. 

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