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We’ll get the wheels in motion.

Right now it pays more than ever to utilise a specialist finance broker. With the recent tightening of credit markets, and the fact that banks don’t often understand machinery finance, Fidelity Finance Group can make all the difference. Fidelity Finance Group is a specialist broker with a track record for financing specialist machinery and for understanding the special needs of small to medium businesses.

We act as your advocates and can represent your business strengths to major financiers to secure more attractive funding facilities. The more accurately and favourably we can portray your case, the better the terms.

Geared up for better service.

With more than 20 leading lenders at our disposal, we can spread your loans across various lenders. We recommend not putting all your loans with the one bank. As your business grows, banks may want you to secure loans against real estate, restricting your options in the future. Yet in 99% of cases, Fidelity Finance Group can secure loans against the machinery itself, without putting your personal property at risk.

Manufacturing a better solution.

Our machinery finance specialist will first visit your premises, or your work-site, to better understand your unique operation. Whether you’re need a single machine or several, we can determine what finance mechanism to employ, and the best financier to use. We’ll source a package that best suits your current business position and cash flow needs, while helping you get the machinery you need to expand.

Greater clout.

Fidelity Finance Group has over $350 million in loans written annually, giving us considerable muscle when it come to securing machinery finance on preferential terms and conditions.

  • We handle the whole process from application through to delivery.
  • Fidelity Finance Group can also arrange Import/Trade finance (i.e. a Letter of Credit) as a part of the long term business finance as required.
  • If required, we can facilitate Telegraphic Transfers secured by Escrow Finance Documents (a loan document which commits you to the term debt on the equipment).
  • We can provide the requisite Foreign Exchange Cover including any Currency Hedging for imported equipment.
  • In the majority of cases your loan is secured against the equipment, without requiring real estate as security.
  • We liaise with the supplier of your choice, order the invoice and prepare all the paperwork ready for your signature.
  • We pay the supplier, you take delivery of the equipment, it can be as easy as that.
  • Fidelity Finance Group can also arrange 'pre-approved' amounts for future acquisitions.

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