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Crane Finance

Solutions that give your business a lift.

You have to wait long enough simply to secure a crane these days. So after looking at cranes for sale, the last thing you need is the financiers giving you the runaround when it comes to the funding.

You can trust Fidelity Finance Group to do all the legwork in securing the crane finance solution that’s going to work best for you. Fidelity Finance Group can secure crane leasing and crane finance at preferential rates and terms for new & used cranes by leveraging our massive buying buyer, as a result of having over $350 million financed annually.

We’re right in with the industry.

Through our involvement with the crane association over 20 years and our general knowledge of the industry, our brokers know what’s going on at any point in time.

Just as we know the crane industry side of things, rest assured Fidelity Finance Group also knows how to deal with the lenders and can access finance from over 20 of the country’s leading financiers. So whether you’re after a crane lease, or finance for a new or used truck crane, tower crane, overhead crane, or other vehicles, Fidelity Finance Group can come to the party.

The unique dynamics of cranes.

Fidelity Finance Group is an expert in this crane finance. We stay up to date with values, both brand new and auction prices, and know what a particular model is designed to do and what it cannot do.

Fidelity Finance Group knows the importance of a correctly presented crane finance application and works particularly hard on your behalf. This can assist a particular financier in understanding how the serviceability of the loan can be strongly aided by the additional income, the asset will generate, thus improving your chances of securing crane finance under the right conditions.

At the same time, our specialists will know how an upgrade of existing equipment or the removal of cross hire expenses etc. can reduce operating expenses and increase available cash flow to service the loan.

Fidelity Finance Group is also able to make suggestions on GST, tax issues and look at all the finance factors, then comment on how they may potentially impact your bottom line.

How we stack up.

  • We handle the whole crane finance process from application to delivery.
  • Fidelity Finance Group can also arrange Import/Trade finance (i.e. Letter of Credit) as a part of the long term business finance as required.
  • If required, we can facilitate Telegraphic Transfers secured by Escrow Finance Documents (a loan document which commits you to the term debt on the Crane).
  • Provide the requisite Foreign Exchange Cover including any Currency Hedging if you’re importing a new or used crane.
  • In the majority of cases your crane finance is secured against the crane, without requiring real estate as security.
  • We liaise with the supplier of your choice, order the invoice and prepare all the paperwork for your signature.
  • We pay the supplier, you take delivery of the crane, it can be as easy as that.
  • Fidelity Finance Group can also arrange 'pre-approved' amounts for future new and used crane acquisitions.

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