Overdraft Alternatives

Overdraft Alternatives

The business loans that work overtime.

The safety net of a business overdraft can give you the flexibility to get on with business, knowing there’s cashflow finance to back you up. With this type of small business loan Fidelity Finance Group has earned a reputation for providing a substantially larger facility at lower interest rates. This type of banking finance has no ongoing fees, or charges over your company and there’s no need to undergo annual reviews etc.

We get to know you.

Part of the standard Fidelity Finance Group business loan service is taking the time to fully understand your operation. We’ll come to you to better understand your business loan needs, so you won’t be left waiting in queues. This allows us to pay more attention to what assets are securing your business loan and how these assets may benefit your profitability. You may be after a better alternative than your current bank, an increased and cheaper facility, or a complete restructuring of your business loans.

We’re sure you’ll find the whole business finance process a breath of fresh air compared to dealing directly with the major banks.

Overdrafts with added muscle.

By leveraging our massive buying power of around $350million in loans written annually, we can secure business finance from a choice of over 20 of the country’s leading providers.

We have an overdraft specialist who will source and provide you with the most suitable business loan, interest rate and loan structure to suit your unique needs. If you are not satisfied with our business finance solution, simply walk away with no cost or obligation to proceed. That’s reassuring.

  • Overdraft Alternatives at home loan rates.
  • No regular annual review requirements.
  • No requirements for a charge to be held over your company.
  • We can arrange pre-approved amounts for future purchases such as equipment, motor vehicles etc.

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